About Us

Ashley Cottee (Robinson) was “bit by the photography bug” at a very early age, starting off receiving a camera as a birthday gift at the age of ten.  Over the years, this transitioned very much from a hobby and moulded into a genuine passion.


Having worked in two different studios over a five year period Ashley was able to perfect her posing and shooting and in turn developed a style that was greatly appreciated by her numerous clientele.    Approximately two years into the studio work, Ashley decided it would be a good idea to update her own photography equipment and expand her horizons outside of a studio only environment, professionally speaking.  Essentially, that was when Ashley Cottee Photography, as it is currently known, came into existence.


Still working in the studio, Ashley developed a loyal client base.  Clients changed their preferences and in turn would only allow Ashley to be their photographer, including turning down a manager with twenty years experience in the studio.  When Ashley moved studios, clients inquired and in turn followed her to her new place of employment so that they could continue having Ashley capture their precious moments.  Again when she left this studio, clients again inquired and tracked her down to take their photos outside of the formal studio setting.


Though Ashley’s passion for photography is greatly centred around children and families, a great deal of experience has been gained in other aspects such as weddings, events and boudoir, just to name a few.  So much so, Ashley was actually short listed to take the official portrait of the President of China during his 2010 visit to Ottawa; however said honour was awarded to a male photographer.



Ashley’s work with Ashley Cottee Photography is assisted by her husband, Trevor.  Trevor also has enjoyed photography since a young age, but did not choose to pursue it into a studio environment.


Trevor has dabbled in many fields over the years outside of photography, including local politics, event planning/management, audio-visual, sales, hospitality and volunteer management to name a few.


Though Trevor assists in many aspects, including photography itself, out of respect for clients, he avoids becoming involved in boudoir photography.



Ashley Cottee Photography has had the privilege of capturing over a dozen weddings, over 150 events (both corporate and non-profit), and countless other families’ photos, along with boudoir, engagement, and maternity sessions; all within the last few years….  Having been recommended by numerous local venues and suppliers, Ashley Cottee Photography has had the opportunity to photograph in countless areas of the city that are closed to the public on a normal basis.

Ashley Cottee Photography very much started out as a hobby rather than a business.  Customer service oriented and family run, that hasn’t changed.


As Ashley Cottee Photography has captured well over 76,000 images (and counting), why not have that experience capture your next important moment?   Let us capture today’s moments so they may be cherished for generations.



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